Post date: Sep 21, 2016 4:22:59 AM


1) Complete online application

Go to the SOCALOA web site to complete an on-line application.

2) Become a member of US Lacrosse

All SOCALOA members must also be current members of US Lacrosse and designated as an “Official” participant in order to have the correct liability insurance coverage provided by USL membership.

3) Pay Dues and Fees

In SOCALOA, we require: annual US Lacrosse Membership ($50), a one-time training fee ($45), and annual membership dues ($75 - includes hat & dri-fit shirt).

4) Buy required equipment

Required Equipment item

All Black cross-training shoes or cleats

Black socks

Tip: Buy Nike Dri-fit Quarter cut socks

Black flat front shorts

Tip: No pleats or cargo shorts. Golfing shorts work well.

Black collared referee jersey with left front pocket (same as football).

Tip: Also buy a silver outlined American flag patch above pocket. (Gold outlines are for military veterans.)

Two yellow flags

Tip: The best ones to buy are the ones with black ends because otherwise you will need to cover the ends with black athletic tape.

Fox40 finger grip whistle

Lacrosse 20-sec timer

Tip: Zebrawear makes a 20 sec/100 sec timer that works well.


Approximate Cost


$14/ 3 pair

$30 - $50


$12 for two





These required equipment items will cost approximately $220 as an initial investment but can be used for many seasons, and can be calculated as expenses on your income tax return.

You can find more information on gear at stores like Honigs or The Official's Corner. US Lacrosse also offers great deals on starter kits for new referees. Also, try Zebra Wear's starter kits.

5) Attend Training

SOCALOA members are required to complete at least 9 hours of training for youth level games and at least 18 hours for CIF High school level games. This can be accomplished by attending a series of mandatory or optional classroom sessions as well as field training and at-home assignments and required tests.

6) Get Certified & Rated

SOCALOA members must complete training and testing requirements to be certified to officiate SOCALOA assigned games. In addition, each SOCALOA member shall receive a performance rating annually from the SOCALOA Training Committee.

Once approved by the Board & Head Trainer, SOCALOA officials will receive game assignments through the officials assigning system.

8) Get Paid

In Southern California, the boys lacrosse youth season typically begins in the early spring and usually before the high school season.

In Orange County, the youth season starts in January and runs about 8 weeks. SOCALOA officials should receive a payment directly from the Orange County Lacrosse Association (OCLA) about every 3-4 weeks. The game fees range from $50 - $60 depending on the age level.

If your rating level permits, the CIF Southern Section high school season starts at the end of February and ends in May. This scholastic league includes high schools ranging from Santa Barbara down to San Clemente and then stretches east to Riverside and San Bernardino County. Each school will pay you individually by payment voucher which will come in the form of a check or through ArbiterPay, 1-3 weeks after the game was played. The high school fees are $68 for varsity and $64 for JV.

With the popularity of lacrosse growing rapidly in Southern California there are many off-season programs and summer tournaments throughout the year that there are plenty of games all year long with a short hiatus in August. The better official you become, the higher rated you will be, and the more games you will be eligible to work.