Pay Dues On-line

Membership Dues and Training Fee

**Due by Session 3 Annually (December 14, 2022)**

To pay your dues electronically, you have two options:

OPTION 1: Venmo (preferred)
DOWNLOAD: Click on the image above to download the app for iOS or Android.

If you have the Venmo app on your phone, then you can search for "SOCALOA" or type @SOCALOA and submit your payment without any additional fees.


  • Returning members: $75

  • Returning Junior Officials: $35

  • Affiliate members: $35

First year members:

  • New Adults: $75 + $45 training fee = $120

  • New Juniors: $35 + $45 training fee = $80

OPTION 2: Paypal (with additional fees)

Use the PayPal form below to either pay your $75 annual membership dues, the one-time Training Fee, or pay for both the Membership Dues and Training Fee together if you are a new member.

Returning members DO NOT need to pay a $45 training, just select the "$75 Annual Membership Fee" option.

Unfortunately, Paypal charges fees for on-line payments which necessitates the need for a convenience fee. If you do not want to pay the convenience fee then you may mail a check to the SOCALOA Treasurer or bring your check to the next training meeting.

Please pay:

  • Returning members: $77.50 ($2.50 Transaction Fee)

  • Returning Junior Officials: $37.50 ($2.50 Transaction Fee)

  • Affiliate members: $37.50 ($2.50 Transaction Fee)

First year members:

  • New Adults: $75 + $45 training fee = $125 ($5 Transaction Fee)

  • New Juniors: $35 + $45 training fee = $82.50 ($2.50 Transaction Fee)

DIRECTIONS: Select the payment you want to make from the dropdown menu below and then hit "BUY NOW"