Providing the best boy's lacrosse officials in Southern California!

It is the mission of SOCALOA to provide the best boys lacrosse officials assigning service in Southern California. We accomplish this through better training and feedback, systematic assigning, and comprehensive customer service. At SOCALOA, we recognize that you have a choice in who you select for referee assigning services, so we are committed to making sure that you are fully satisfied with our service and will work with you to provide the best lacrosse experience for the players, coaches, and parents.

Why Contract with SOCALOA?

Your Benefits

    • Our commitment to provide the best officials for your lacrosse games

    • SOCALOA Administrators & Assignors who:

      • have played and coached lacrosse and really understand your needs and concerns

      • are committed to maintaining a strong business relationship

      • welcome feedback from our clients

      • will quickly address any dissatisfaction you may have with our service

    • Annually trained, observed, evaluated, mentored, and tested officials

    • Your feedback will be acknowledged, appreciated, and attended to if necessary

    • Peace of mind in knowing that your games will have the best officials and administrative service

Our Benefits

    • Strong competition helps us attract local talent to our association.

    • Consistent work ensures that we can maintain the loyalty of the best officials in southern California, all of whom are independent contractors

    • Feedback from our clients allows us to address concerns and improve our service

    • Prompt payments keep up our association’s morale